YouTube Success Is Not Possible Without Improving These Two Key Metrics

Ihtisham Ul Haq Khan
2 min readFeb 22, 2024

Not even a single YouTube channel can succeed without improving these two YouTube metrics. Astonishingly, its is neither views nor subscribers, its click-through-rate and watch time. You will definitely fail if you dont focus on these two YouTube metrics. Well how can you improve these two is discussion of another story. This story explains what these two metrics are.

Well before you can improve these metrics, you must understand why are they so important, and how they affect your performance on YouTube.

The click-through-rate shows what percentage of visitors clicked and opened your video out of a total 100 percent. Now it is quite clear that the CTR is directly linked with the quality and attractiveness of your YouTube thumbnails. This is the first metric you should care about. Not a single YouTube channel can succeed without caring much about the thumbnails. You need more and more people to click on your videos. For people on YouTube, it is impossible for them to watch your video if your video thumbnails are not appealing and attractive.

YouTube promotes videos with high click-through-rates. Thus a high click-through-rate leads to more clicks and views

The second most important metric is watch time or audience retention. This metric is made of two metrics. First average-view-duration. Which tells you that on the average how long did each viewer watched your video. Second what percentage of viewers watched for how long. This metric is more complex and is linked with more than few factors. It depends how good you are in holding your viewers attention. You must create videos which holds the viewers for longer period of time on your videos. Obviously, you must do good in story telling, video editing, sound design etc to hold your viewer’s attention.

The more fun and engaging your videos are, the more time people will watch. Once you learn how to boost your watch time and audience retention, your YouTube videos will go viral. Videos with higher audience retention rates are pushed by the YouTube algorithm to towards more people.

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